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I worked with the owner and creator of Lift from the start to create a solid brand image. Through the years we have collaborated closely to extend the brand's reach to a worldwide audience. My work with Lift has included coming up with the name & logo, lifestyle & product photography, web design, print, video and the oh so catchy slogan "Lift me up before you go, go..." That last bit is a joke of course, but wouldn't it be a great slogan :)


Lift is  a company  that has for the past 10 years  been obsessed with creating user-friendly hydrofoils for everyone. They have created something out of  a mix of everything they love: surfing, flying and deep powder snowboarding. The feeling it evokes holds a category of its own and the've set out on a mission to bring it to the world. 

This is just the beginning as hydrofoiling is literally taking off.